Ceibal Foundation announces the launch of the institutional repository


Aware that scientific knowledge is a public good, disclosure and access should not be restricted by economic, legal or technological barriers.

In this context, Ceibal Foundation started to work in the creation of an institutional repository in June 2015 with the objective promoting free, unrestricted online access to scientific publications in education, learning and the mediation of digital technologies in those areas.




●     To integrate, preserve and promote access to and use of scientific and academic resources related to the 1:1 model in Uruguay (Ceibal Plan) and abroad,

●     To enhance the visibility of publications, authors and the institutions they work for,

●     To bring the national and international community closer to the topics related to the research lines established by the Foundation,

●     To promote the use of academic resources for the generation and transfer of scientific knowledge.


We would like to invite authors to download the instructions for using the service and other related documents, and to directly upload their paper or document using the self-archiving mechanism.

In case of doubts or concerns, please contact Ceibal Foundation using the following email address:


Ceibal Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported and collaborated with this project:

Nebulae S.R.L. and its consultants Federico Yemurenko y Julia Demasi.

Area of Web development (Centro Ceibal) and IT Management: Cecilia Poittevin, Gastón Menéndez, Pablo Perdomo, Sebastián Cabrera, Nicolás Vigni.

Volunteers from Plan Ceibal: Germán Coca, María Cristina da Rosa, Martina Bailón, Luisina Porto, Gustavo Fernández, Viviana Martínez, Monica Miguez, Alicia Ferreira, Mariana Manzanares, Laura Canessa, Serrana Muniz, Paola Vacca.

Creative Commons Uruguay

Image: Dmitrij Paskevic