Education Sector Fund 2017: Results of the first stage

The National Agency of Research and Innovation (ANII) and Ceibal Foundation announce the results of the first step in the convocatory: "Education Sector Fund “Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons”. 


In this call, the application process have two different stages:

Stage 1: Research idea

Stage 2: Research proposal


The modality “Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons” was created for promoting evidence-based research in order to inform Ceibal Plan and other educational institutions actions in the field of education and technology -both inside and outside the formal educational system-. Research proposals are required to comply with one or more of Foundation's strategic lines of research and related topics. Furthermore, research design should contemplate the epistemological approaches identified as priorities (learning analytics, foresight, benchmarking).


Strategic lines of research:

  • Social Uses and Digital Culture
  • Resources and Platforms
  • New Ways of Knowing, Learning, Teaching and Evaluating
  • Extended learning achievements
  • Educators in the Digital Age


The projects execution can be translated into proposals that can be transferred to the educational context. In this way the proposals had to present the mechanisms by which the inputs produced by the research will generate an impact in the selected areas.


Amounts and duration of projects

The maximum amount of financing is 2,900,000 Uruguayan pesos per project, financing up to 80% of it. In addition, a national masters scholarship may be applied for the National Scholarship System, whose financing is independent of the total cost of the project.


Projects of up to 24 months duration can be financed.

• Projects up to and including 12 months: $ 1,450,000.

• Projects up to and including 24 months: $ 2,900,000.


The minimum contribution to be made by the beneficiary institutions will be 20% of the investment foreseen in the project.


Results of Stage 1

The call for Project Ideas was open from May 3 to June 29, 2017.

The Agenda Committee will evaluate and prioritize the applications to select up to a maximum of 20, which will be invited to formulate the complete project.

A total of 38 projects were presented, forming a total demand of financing to the ANII for $ 83,113,584. The postulating institutions commit a total cofinancing of $ 48,456,391.



See the results of Stage 1



For more information, please visit EDUCATION SECTOR FUND: DIGITAL INCLUSION or contact:

- This call was closed the 29.06.2017-