The first Trend Report 2016-2017 "People first in a digital age"

The first Trend Report 2016-2017 "People first in a digital age" by the Leiden University Center for Innovation, at the Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands) is available.


This open access report presents the main challenges, opportunities and obligations associated with the digital world in the coming years for both, societies and higher education. As stated by its Director Gideon ShimShon, we are now seeing how innovation impacts our lives on a daily basis, through the development of artificial intelligence and the challenge of Big Data. In this sense, we must ask ourselves about what use we want to make of these innovations and what direction we want to give to new technologies for human development.


What do we mean when we talk about issues like trust, privacy and consent? What do they mean in digital age?


For this, they have presented the reflections of thought leaders, academics and experts about six specific tech-society trends, among which is Dr. Cristóbal Cobo article entitled "Now that Machines Can Learn: Can We Integrate Human and Artificial Intelligences?".


Access the full report here