Jonathan Worth

Professional Photographer. UK National Teaching Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce and winner of  UC Irvine and MIT's prestigious Reclaim Open Learning Prize.

He designs and delivers open visual literacy and digital fluency clases at scale. He has worked out of both New York and London as a professional photographer since 1998 where his work featured in a wide range of international editorial publications and is on permanent collection at the UK’s National Portrait Gallery. His work developing new business models for photographers was described in the European Parliament as “Breaking new ground for photographers”. In 2009 he authored and delivered the world’s first open undergraduate photography class which saw over 35,000 people visit in just one term and was described by WIRED as “shaking up photo-education. In the same year he worked with Peter Woodbridge to deliver the world's first "Undergraduate Photography Class in an App". His work leveraging the social web for photographers was featured in Creative Commons’ The Power Of Open in 2011 and as case studies for the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (UK) in 2012 and again in 2015 when he was also invited to speak at both the UK Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament.