Matías Lopez-Rosenfeld

Matías Lopez-Rosenfeld is a PhD student of Computer Science in Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He got his Licenciate degree from the same University, where he also was a teaching asistant (TA) since 2006. He works in an interdisciplinary field: Education, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, focusing in the usage of video games for educational porpouses. In 2012, he developed a framework for large-scale interventions using OLPC. This tools allows to collect video game usage behavior of children remotely. In the last years he focused in how the used games are structured and which are the variables that influence in the performance of the students. Recently, he started a collaboration with a group of developmental pscyhologists and neuroscientists aimed at generating algorithms and visualizations for analytical and translational purposes. For the next year, he will be working on measuring and improving methods to learn programming skills using a web platform.