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Transmedia strategy

Plan Ceibal and the National Public Education Administration (Administración Nacional de Educación Pública, ANEP) developed a new setting for learning based on multiplatform content distributed over multiple media—including Uruguayan National Television (Televisión Nacional Uruguay, TNU)—to guarantee access to education resources for students throughout the country, especially those with restricted internet access.

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The pandemic generated a space for exploring new education ideas and finding different media with which to continue student-teacher relations. Ceibal en casa (Ceibal at home) focused on creating an education ecosystem with the capacity to adapt to diverse contexts, spaces and actors, integrating informal ways of learning associated with communication practices related to students’ cultural consumption and the emerging socio-technological ecosystem.

This initiative included three options for students from different education levels with formats that included an educational magazine programme (TA, Tiempo de Aprender) (Time To Learn), a series presented by young influencers (C+) which introduced educational content through the plot of its fictional story, and a participative space (Tu Corto) (Your Short), in which young people were invited to create and share their own productions. A cycle was also created for teachers (ENLACEvivo) (Live Link), showing interviews with specialists to rethink and orient teaching strategies in the new scenario.

It was necessary to design modalities for feedback and the integration of traditional media, social media and Plan Ceibal platforms to guarantee that all the educational community was reached, as well as in-person interactions in education centres and alternative spaces, including students’ homes, in support of the gradual return to in-person classes.

TA, Tiempo de Aprender (Time to Learn)

This magazine programme brought into students’ homes playful activities, technological spaces and interviews with the aim of putting educational ideas at the disposal of families, especially primary-level children. The content addressed each week was previously announced on social media so as to improve coordination with teachers’ planning. It was broadcast daily from 8 June to 11 December and the episodes are available on YouTube.



This transmedia contest sought to bring to high school students learning experiences in a gamer environment. It rewarded curiosity for learning and boosted the exchange in a combined educational context. This programme was presented by Alaska (a YouTuber) and MadRaider (a gamer). Every day in this 15-minute show they introduced stories and challenges which, after the broadcast of the programme on television, continued on social media, especially Instagram.


Tu corto (Your Short)

This was a segment dedicated to broadcasting short films made by secondary school and technical tertiary students. The programme sought to encourage the participation of young people and teens, while opening up the television screen to the creation of new content made wholly by this audience. The education students of the Technical Professional Education Council (UTU) stood out with their high degree of participation.


ENLACEvivo (Live Link)

A space for live interviews with specialists and the presentation of educational experiences related to the new scenario, devised to converse and debate about issues of interest and to offer teachers useful advice to address the new challenges. This form of exchange was broadcast over YouTube and Instagram Live Stories. Thirty-seven episodes plus a special were made, with a total of 64,298 views.